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Bring back lost shoppers by showing them ads featuring the actual products they viewed. Easy dynamic retargeting on Facebook!

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Online retailers using Perfect Product Retargeting see click rates explode and CPAs plummet.

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With Perfect Product Retargeting you'll give your visitors a more intimate, personalized ad experience.

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How it works

1. Import your products

Import your products quickly and seamlessly by connecting to your Google Merchant Center account. We'll pull in your product data in minutes and notify you if we hit any snags. Once your product feed is connected, we'll crawl it once a day looking for changes like sale prices or products you're not selling any longer.

2. Build dynamic product ads

Our Facebook Product Ad Builder works just like the standard Facebook Ad Creation form, but, with additional snippets of dynamic content from your product feed that you can insert. These snippets let you add things like product name, category and price.

3. Launch Personalized Campaigns

Target lost shoppers based on what pages they visited in your store, geography, time of day, and more. Our proprietary real-time bidding platform will take care of the rest. We'll serve your dynamic ads to the people you want to reach at the best possible price for every impression.

4. Measure your Wins & Get More

Measure your ROI by viewing your actual sales and conversions. When the numbers line up, easily boost your budget to target even more potential shoppers.

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