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Retarget lost customers at the center of the Facebook experience.

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What is it?

The Facebook News Feed is now available for retargeting. If Facebook is the world's newspaper, the newsfeed is its front page, where Facebook users spend 40% of their time. With News Feed retargeting, you can serve your Facebook Page Posts to lost customers directly in their News Feed and bring them back in a new, engaging way.

What's kind of ads can I run?

Until now, Facebook Exchange retargeting was limited to "Marketplace ads" appearing in the right sidebar. Those are super effective, but now News Feed Page Posts are in play as well, giving advertisers a powerful new, premium channel for reaching their lost customers on Facebook.

Facebook News Feed retargeting does not replace your existing Facebook advertising or Facebook retargeting campaigns. It's a powerful new premium complement.

Why it's awesome

With Facebook News Feed retargeting you get an exciting new ad format for your retargeting, Facebook Page Posts, and they appear in the News Feed, where your audience can like, share, and comment on them, helping turn your paid media into earned media!

How do I get started?

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Tell me more about the News Feed Page Post Ads

News Feed retargeting uses Facebook Page Post Links for the ads.

This consists of:

  • A text post (up to 500 characters)
  • A Facebook link attachment (image, headline, URL, and description)
  • The image in the link is 600px X 315px.
  • The link headline is 1 line of text.
  • The link description is a few lines of text.

Don't worry though! You'll create ads just by posting a new Page Post. Easy as can be.

Facebook News Feed at a glance: "The Center of the Facebook Experience"

  • Scale: 955 million active users (June 2012), 57% of whom are daily users
  • Targeting Leverage your Perfect Audience retargeting lists
  • Formats: Facebook Page Post Links
  • Placement: Directly in the News Feed.
  • Social Features: Users can like, share, and comment on your post.
  • Ad serving: Ads served by Facebook.
  • Ad tags: Approved tag providers only.

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