Dynamic Retargeting

Get more sales for your online store. Bring browsers back with a product-specific ad.  Easy setup with no minimum spend or long-term commitment. Try it today and get a $100 credit.

Why Dynamic Retargeting

Bring Back Shoppers When Your Products Are Top of Mind

Most shoppers do not convert on their very first visit.  Drive extra revenue by pitching the customers who browsed and abandoned a shopping cart.  Include personalized offers and dynamic pricing to close the deal.

Re-Engage Customers Across the Web

Affordably retarget customers on well-trafficked sites and increase your revenue.  Choose from hundreds of well-known publishers served by multiple ad networks.

Outperform Awareness Ads

When customers leave your site, they shop competitors.  They may even lose interest.  With Dynamic Retargeting, the products they viewed will appear directly in your ads, and the click returns the customer to the product page. This will improve conversion numbers and lift your ROI.

20x ROAS

5-10x Above Expectations

“ROI was off the charts – we made a ton of money”
– Milt Deherrera / Web Marketing Manager

The Easy Way to Set Up Dynamic Ads for Your eCommerce Site

Conversion and Revenue Tracking

Measure the impact of ad views and clicks on conversions, revenue and more

Seamless Shopify Integration

Auto-optimized dynamic campaigns up and running in just a few clicks

World-Class Customer Support

Consider us an extension of your marketing team, ready and willing to assist when needed

Transparent Billing

Understand every dollar spend with detail invoices sent to your inbox

Dynamic Product Ad Builder

For Google Merchant Center product feeds, connect to Perfect Audience and use our Ad Builder template to generate single or multi-product dynamic ads.  Customize your colors, text, and calls to action.

Dynamic Campaign Creator

Match ads to audiences, set budgets, adjust your reach, and control impression numbers and lookback windows.

Product Feed Importer

Import your Product Feed directly from Google Merchant Center.

Display Ad Inventory Includes:

Advertise to your lost customers across 13b+ daily ad impressions

Rubicon Project

Ad Types

Single Product Ads

Single Product Ads

Canvas Ads

Canvas Ads

Product Galleries Carousels

Product Galleries Carousels

How It Works

Import your products

Connect your Google Merchant Center, Shopify, or other ecommerce product feed for data import.  We’ll pull in your product feed in minutes.  Once your feed’s connected, we’ll update it regularly to look for things like price and inventory changes.

Build dynamic product ads

With our self-service Dynamic Ad Builder, you’ll be able to build slick multi-product or single-product ads. After you select your template, customize your colors, upload your logo, and build your ads, they’ll be ready to go in no time.

Launch personalized campaigns

Target lost shoppers based on the store pages they visited, geography, time of day, and more. Our proprietary real-time bidding platform takes care of the rest—serving your dynamic ads to the people you want to reach, at the best possible price for every impression.

Measure your wins and gain more

Measure your ROI by viewing your conversions, CPA, and other KPIs.  If you want, boost your budget to target more lost shoppers.

Start Retargeting Today with Perfect Audience

Check out all the features, and try out a number of channels to see if retargeting works for you. Try it today and get a $100 credit.