Hubspot Retargeting

Effortless ad retargeting for inbound marketers.  HubSpot and Perfect Audience have teamed up to bridge the gap between inbound marketing and paid advertising. Connect your HubSpot account to Perfect Audience and save time, advertise better, and get more customers. Try it for FREE today »

Why Hubspot Retargeting

Quickly Connect Your Accounts

Connect your HubSpot account to Perfect Audience with just one click. No technical knowledge required!

Automatically Sync Pages & Lists

Once you connect your HubSpot account we automatically scan your landing pages and Smart Lists and create retargeting audiences from them. Every night we check for new data so your audiences are always up to date.

Build Great Campaigns with Little Effort

With audiences created from your HubSpot data, you can create retargeting campaigns that align closely with the email messaging you send via HubSpot.
“This easy and powerful integration will enable HubSpot customers to create richer interactions with retargeting audiences—and ultimately drive business growth.” – Brian Halligan / CEO of HubSpot

Perfect Audience Works Great with Hubspot

Conversion tracking icon

Conversion and Revenue Tracking

Measure the impact of ad views and clicks on conversions, revenue and more
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Detailed Analytics

Key stats like clicks, conversions, and revenue updated every 2 hours
Cross-device Targeting icon

Cross-Device Targeting

Reach your visitors across desktop, mobile and tablet, using our Identity Graph
Flexible Retargeting Window icon

Flexible Retargeting Window

Respond immediately or over time to match your sales cycle
“Why do we use Perfect Audience? We love the quick approvals, easy to track conversions and balance of complexity and ease of use (like HubSpot).” – John McTigue / Kuno Creative

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Start Retargeting Today with Perfect Audience

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