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Why Mobile Retargeting

The average app churns 80% of its users*

You’re spending a fortune driving installs, but your users are churning out. Bring back those lost app-installers by showing them highly relevant ads while they are in other apps.

Re-engage at-risk users during critical early days

Keep your DAU high by creating specific audiences that can be targeted at any step of the install process. We give you all the documentation you need with our Mobile SDK to create those audiences from your mobile app.

Stay front-of-mind with your high-value users

Advertise across top mobile ad publishers to remind your fans to come back and play. We’ve partnered with top mobile ad exchanges, including ONE by AOL, Mopub, Smaato and many others to help you reach your customers.

Track conversions and revenue

Perfect Audience’s easy to use dashboard shows you all the decision-making data you need to optimize campaigns. Track click and view conversions, sale value, order ID and much more with our Mobile SDK.

Easily Build App Audiences Using Our SDK

Perfect Audience is Ideal for Mobile Retargeting

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Install a single tracking code. Create segments for every behavior you care about

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Target users based on actions you define on your website or in your app

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Understand every dollar spend with detail invoices sent to your inbox

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Retargeting Window

Respond immediately or over time to match your sales cycle

Mobile Inventory Includes:

Ad Types



Target by:

App Action

Device ID List


Device Type


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