Twitter Retargeting

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Why Twitter Retargeting

280 Characters – Unlimited Potential

Get the most out of your retargeting campaign by harnessing the power of Twitter ads with your existing Audiences from Perfect Audience. It takes less than five minutes to have the audiences readily available in Twitter.

Powerful Platform

Show highly relevant Twitter ads to promote your site and bring them back for a conversion. Reach high-intent web visitors who came to your web site but didn’t convert.

Desktop & Mobile

Leveraging Twitter Ads will extend your reach beyond Web and Facebook. Combine your retargeting data with Twitter profile data to reach your target audience across all of Twitter, on any device.

Twitter Ads

Retarget your visitors with all the Twitter Ad formats available on Twitter’s ad platform. You’ll have a plethora of ad options to get your lost customers to re-engage with your brand: Plain text Tweet, Image Website card. Image app card, Promoted video and many more!

20x ROAS

5-10x Above Expectations

“ROI was off the charts – we made a ton of money”
– Milt Deherrera / Web Marketing Manager


High level overview of account performance. Easily customizable, the Perfect Audience dashboard will quickly point you to performance outliers that may concern you.

Helpful Calendar Picker

Quickly find preselected dates (last week, month, etc.), or even choose a specific date to report on data from whatever time span you choose.

Flexible Automated Rules

Block publishers where click through rates, or CPA goals that aren’t being met ensuring your CPM buys are profitable.

How It Works

Someone visits your website. Let’s say they check out some golf shirts, but they didn’t buy anything.

Perfect Audience tells Twitter to include that person in your “Looking for golf shirts” tailored audience…

Then they get the perfect Promoted Tweet straight from you!

Ad Types

Promoted Tweet

Promoted Tweets

Promoted Trends

Promoted Trends

Promoted Twitter Profile

Promoted Profile

Start Retargeting Today with Perfect Audience

Check out all the features, and try out a number of channels to see if retargeting works for you. Try it today and get a $100 credit.