Perfect Audience Connect

Team up with marketers you know to retarget each other’s visitors and acquire new customers at ridiculously low prices. Try it today and get a $100 credit.

How It Works

Fill out your profile

Every site on Perfect Audience now has an internal profile. Make sure yours is filled out to receive requests.

Add your partners

You already have marketing partnerships. Invite the marketers you know and work with to connect on Perfect Audience.

Retarget each other’s visitors

Create retargeting campaigns targeting visitors to the websites of your connected partners.

134% Boost in Incremental Revenue

“It’s rare that you work with a third party that you can trust and have your best interests in mind.”
– JoAnne Hart / Marketing Manager


Why It’s Awesome

Reach new customers, not the same ones over and over again

Reach new, highly-interested prospects with your message for 80% less than Adwords.

100% Privacy Safe

No data is shared. No data changes hands. Everything happens within Perfect Audience and you have complete control! End any partnership at any time. No more pixel swapping or wondering who has access to your data.

Bid safely with BidGuard

Never worry about driving up your costs! With BidGuard, our innovative bid prioritization technology, we guarantee your bids always take precedence over your partners.

Start Retargeting Today with Perfect Audience

Check out all the features, and try out a number of channels to see if retargeting works for you. Try it today and get a $100 credit.