When visitors leave your
Magento shop without
buying, we serve your ads
to them on Facebook.

Facebook Retargeting for Magento

Get more sales from your online store by retargeting lost shoppers on Facebook and the web.

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Retarget lost customers on Facebook

Almost 30% of U.S. ad impressions occur on Facebook...and now those impressions are available to advertise to people who visit your Magento store.

Track clicks and sales

Our easy-to-use self-service dashboard lets you measure campaign ROI, click through rates, and much more. You are in control.

Low prices, Epic ROI

We charge on a CPM basis. No setup or maintenance fees. Meanwhile, Magento store owners generate $10 in sales for every $1 spent.

Discover new marketing channels

See where your ads perform best and where your customers hang out online. Get smarter about your marketing.

We respect your users

Perfect Audience sets strict daily and monthly frequency caps to make sure no one feels overwhelmed by your ads.

Retarget across the web, too

Design web retargeting campaigns in minutes. We serve your banners to lost customers in the best placements across Google, OpenX, and more.

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