1. Install Your Site Tracking Tag

Install the Site Tracking Tag on every page of your website.   You can also use Google Tag Manager or share it with your web developer.  (Manage -> User Tracking)

2. Create Audiences

Build audience segments based on pages they visited, actions they look, or queries they entered.  You can also target all of your visitors. (Manage -> Create Audience)

3. Build Campaigns

Design precise, effective campaigns in minutes. (Launch New Campaign)

4. We Bring Them Back

Perfect Audience serves your ads on popular websites, social networks, and mobile apps.



5. Track Results and ROI

Your users click and return. Watch your business grow in our dashboard.

Start Retargeting Today with Perfect Audience

Check out all the features, and try out a number of channels to see if retargeting works for you. Try it today and get a $100 credit.