Use this high-level overview of your account to monitor your key metrics and campaign performance.


Helpful Calendar Picker

Change the timeframe of your dashboard reporting to spot weekly and monthly trends that assist your decision making.

Dynamic Reporting Tool

Perfect Audience makes it easy to create flexible and dynamic reports on your campaign performance.  Use multiple filters and dimensions to extract the data you need.  Email daily, weekly, or monthly reports to yourself and your colleagues.

Integrate Your Shopify Store

Connect your Shopify store to Perfect Audience in minutes.  Our integration allows you to build and launch branded dynamic campaigns across the web to retarget your shoppers.

Perfect Audience Creates Dynamic Ads

After integration’s complete, our powerful platform automatically creates multi-product dynamic ads for your retargeting campaigns.

Optimize Campaigns

It’s quick and easy to launch and optimize your campaigns in Perfect Audience.  We have years of experience helping advertisers achieve a positive return on ad spend.

Product Feed Importer

Import your Product Feed directly from Google Merchant Center.

Dynamic Product Ad Builder

For Google Merchant Center product feeds, connect to Perfect Audience and use our Ad Builder template to generate single or multi-product dynamic ads.  Customize your colors, text, and calls to action.

Dynamic Campaign Creator

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