Live Demo Webinars

We provide live webinars to introduce our customers to Perfect Audience, train them to use our platform, and provide help and demonstrations for new features.

Available Webinars

Perfect Audience 101

Learn how to get started with your Perfect Audience account! This webinar will introduce you to the Perfect Audience website and guide you through creating your first campaign. Topics include retargeting audiences, conversion goals, ads, and campaign creation.

Watch Perfect Audience 101 On Demand

Perfect Audience 201

Take your Perfect Audience campaigns to the next level! This webinar is designed for customers already familiar with Perfect Audience looking to improve their campaign performance. Topics include advanced targeting options, suggestions for the type of ads/campaigns you run, tips to boost your ROI, and more! We’ll even give you some FREE credit to try out our suggestions after the webinar.

Watch Perfect Audience 201 On Demand

Want to learn more? Find in-depth recordings on using the Perfect Audience platform on our video tutorials page.